Middle and High School Youth

Middle and High School Youth


Sunday School

We will have distinct classes for High School and Middle School teens this year.  The High School class will meet at 9:45 (between the services) and the Middle Schoolers will meet during the second half of the 10:45 service (at the same time as the younger kids).

The High Schoolers will start the year with four weeks combined with the adults as Rick leads a class on the Book of Acts.  The Middle Schoolers will begin the year watching and discussing Rob Bell’s ‘Nooma’ video series.

High School Youth Group

Our High School group will meet roughly every other week on Sunday evenings (6:30-8:00ish).  Many of these will be at church, however, we’re also hoping to spend more time in people’s homes.

Middle School Youth Group

We are super excited about our Middle School group this year!  We’ll have Middle School Youth Group at least once a month, typically on Saturday evenings.


Most communication with parents is done via email.  If you would like to receive regular email updates from Rick, please send an email to rickdykema@hotmail.com. We are using a group texting app (GroupMe) to communicate with our High School teens.