Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Sunday School

7th and 8th grades

Middle schoolers (7th and 8th grades) are encouraged to participate in the children’s message in service. They are dismissed to Sunday school from there. Kids will explore what faith is and what it looks like in today’s world. High schoolers are encouraged to participate in the worship service on Sunday mornings.


9th and 10th grades

Pastor Rick leads confirmation classes for 9th and 10th grades every other year. Classes meet twice a month during the school year. Participants will look at faith, discipleship and spirituality, while learning what it means to be a Christian and a member of a church. At the end of the school year, kids are invited to the sacrament of Confirmation, where they affirm their faith in Christianity and become members of the church.

High School Youth Group

9th through 12th grades

High School Youth Group meets every other week during the school year, focusing on relational issues to help students develop a sense of belonging and connection to each other and to the church at large. Upperclassmen are guided to being leaders and mentors for underclassmen. The youth group also offers 8-10 opportunities each year to get away and open themselves up to God and each other in new and meaningful ways. This includes an annual mission trip, an intergenerational retreat, and other local service activities.

Middle School Youth Group

7th and 8th grades

Middle School Youth Group meets once a month to develop a sense of community, belonging, and connection to God. The group is included in the annual mission trip, and also plans 2 retreats to get away and strengthen connections with each other and God.