Our Beliefs

We believe the Church exists for the purpose of ministry. It takes its purpose from the life of Jesus Christ. Such a purpose we say can be defined as “Seeking to join God in serving at the altar of human need.”

We believe in a God who acts. Our Statement of Faith begins with a confession of belief and ends with a doxology. Between beginning and ending come seven sentences, each telling of an activity of God. In each of these sentences, the subject is the pronoun for God, while the verbs tell of something that God has done and is doing.

We believe, too, in a particular form of church government that is called, “Congregational.” We believe that the power of decision resides in the community of believers who compose a local church. It is subject to no other church body, yet it recognizes and sustains the obligation of mutual counsel and cooperation in the United Church of Christ itself.

We believe that active members are those persons who “attend regularly the services of this church, who are active in its work, who contribute regularly to its support and its benevolence, and who strive to exemplify its teachings” in daily life.

We realize together that no Statement of Faith is faith in and of itself. Nobody can assume that the faith of any church can be encompassed in its words. Yet, words are important, for a belief that is unsaid is incomplete, and a belief that is well said becomes a power for life and action. We seek the latter, “a power for life and action.”