Seeking All Lawn Rangers

We are seeking help from members who would like to mow our church grounds.  Our volunteers for many years have done a great job in maintaining the grounds and have helped our church avoid paying lawn service annual fees in the neighborhood of $5,000.

We try to mow weekly, depending on the weather.  (Sometimes it’s dry, and we don’t need to mow.) Mowing entails using the church’s zero-turn Toro mower and trimming equipment.  It usually takes about four hours to do the job, but you can break your time up over a couple of days, if you wish.

Tom Cordingly has graciously volunteered to do the job through the end of June, so we are seeking volunteers for the rest of summer.  If you are interested, please let Terry Walker know when you can help (telephone:  616.204.1669, e-mail:, and we will get a calendar started.  If you have not helped in the past, we will set up a time for a quick tutorial on the grounds and the equipment.

Thanks, and we hope to hear from our Lawn Ranger Team soon!